Career Horoscope - 2021 for Libra

Turning Work into Play for Libra

The Libra career horoscope indicates that work could feel more like play for Libra throughout 2021.

For most of the year, joyous Jupiter will be touring this sign’s 5th House of Fun and Creativity. People born under the sign of the scales could be very successful turning a hobby into a cottage industry, particularly between January 1st and May 13th, then again from July 29th through December 29th. 

Taking the Lead, Libra Style

Libra is a cardinal sign, bestowing tremendous leadership skills to their career horoscope. 

Ambitious people born under the sign of the scales can land an executive position between March 22nd and April 14th, when Venus, their ruler, tours their 10th House of Ambition. 

Finding a Spiritually and Financially Satisfying Job in 2021

Anyone checking their Libra money horoscope today will be glad to learn that 2021 is also a great year to find a job that satisfies both their mind and spirit.

That’s because Jupiter, the planet of satisfaction, will visit Libra’s 6th House of Work and Service, first between May 14th and July 28th, and then again from December 29th into 2022.

This is great news for anyone born under the sign of the scales, whose sensitive soul needs meaningful work to thrive.

Soaring to the Top of the Success Ladder with Libra

Libra’s best bet for landing a high-powered job, starting a business, or gaining fame and acclaim falls between June 3rd and June 26th. This golden period is when Venus, Libra’s ruler, tours the sign’s 10th House of Ambition.

According to their career horoscope, anyone born under the sign of the scales who wants to make a power play in 2021 should do so between these empowering dates. 

Enjoying Windfalls This Year

The Libra money horoscope has some great news regarding this sign’s ability to attract at least one big windfall in 2021.

The big event occurs on June 10th, when an enriching Solar Eclipse falls in Libra’s 8th House of Dividends.

A prize win, inheritance, bonus, or royalty check could hit the bank account of anyone born under Libra’s sign on or around this powerful time. 

Getting the Money Libra Deserves in 2021

The Libra money horoscope is filled with opportunities for this sign’s financial advancement. 

People born under the sign of the scales could get a big raise or impressive promotion between September 11th and October 6th.

That’s when Venus, this sign’s ruling planet, moves through their 2nd House of Income—self-employed people can successfully increase their finances during this golden period, too!

Creativity Cultivates Prosperity in 2021

The Libra money horoscope will tell you this sign has a tremendous capacity to make a living from their artistic endeavors.

This is particularly true this year when taskmaster Saturn moves through Libra’s 5th House of Fun and Creativity.

Whether it’s selling handcrafted jewelry, delicious baked goods, or gorgeous photographs—people born under the sign of the Scales can make a hefty profit from their prodigious imaginations this year. 

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