Career Horoscope - 2021 for Virgo

Checking the Virgo daily horoscope is a great move for the exacting Virgin, who is always looking for fast, efficient ways to attain career success.

In 2021, this sign has an extraordinary opportunity to land a job that feels more like play than work. That’s because jovial Jupiter will be moving through their 6th House of Work and Service for most of the year, attracting just the sort of assignments that appeal to Virgo’s sharp intellect.

Finding the Perfect Job for Discerning Virgo

Virgo is notoriously discriminating when it comes to work, as their career horoscope attests. 

Fortunately, this year is filled with stellar opportunities for Virgo to find a job that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying, thanks to benevolent Jupiter’s visit to their 6th House of Work and Service between January 1st and May 13th, then again through July 29th through December 29th.

It’s the best time of the entire decade for Virgo to land their dream job! 

Negotiating for a Bigger Piece of the Pie

Daily horoscope Virgo shows this sign can successfully get better perks and a bigger percentage of the profits in 2021.

Smart Virgins will launch negotiations between April 4th and April 18th, when their superior communications skills can help them secure an incredible deal.

Any Virgos seeking early retirement packages or to be bought out of their contracts should broach the subject during this lucky period—success will be theirs!

Increasing Virgo’s Earning Potential

Virgins seeking a pay raise, promotion, or bigger share of the profits can benefit from checking their daily horoscope Virgo at

It would also be smart for this sign to work toward this goal between August 31st and November 5th of this year. That’s when Mercury, their ruling planet, tours their 2nd House of Earned Income, making prospects for increasing their earnings very strong. 

Forming Powerful Business Alliances

Virgo’s career horoscope has wonderful indications for profitable partnerships in 2021. Between May 14th and July 28th, abundant Jupiter will move through the Virgin’s 7th House of Partnerships.

Working with a manager, agent, or investor during this period could double or even triple Virgo’s income—best of all, the same trend will occur starting on December 29th and will continue throughout 2022. 

Achieving Extraordinary Career Success

The Virgo daily horoscope is especially strong for this sign’s career prospects on December 4th. 

That’s when a powerful Solar Eclipse falls in Virgo’s 10th House of Professional Ambition, helping them to land a high-powered job, launch a successful business, or gain fame and acclaim for their endeavors.

Every Virgo should circle this pivotal date in red on their calendar. 

Moving into the Executive Suite

For Virgos wanting to move into the corner office, their career horoscope shows the time between November 22nd and December 21st is the perfect time to make a power play.

The fame-giving Sun will be moving through this sign’s 10th House of Ambition at this time, shining a light on their versatility, intelligence, and superior communication skills.

If you’re looking for more insight to guide you with your career path for this year, join us at today!

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