Fall Feng Shui Tips

Fall is the season for everyone to slow down and enjoy the results of the hard work. You have already started seeing the difference in the weather. Also, nights are getting longer, while the days are getting shorter. Now is the time for us to create the right balance between our private and professional lives.

For those who are unable to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives, here are some Feng Shui tips that will allow you to bring harmony to your life.

Flower power

You can fill some flower pots with these beautiful flowers, and place them wherever you would like. The colors of these lovely flowers will help you to feel freshened up and relaxed.

Dim the lights

Instead of high-power bulbs, replace them with lower wattage lights. During the summer, the power of sunlight allows you to remain active for a longer duration. However, now its fall, and you need to slow down a bit. That’s why change the lights that will let you take a break and enjoy simpler things in life.

Add a fountain

Think of a room that you spend most of your time, and add a fountain there. Allow the water sound of the fountain to take away all the doubts and fears that often cloud your mind. Fountains have the power to heal restless souls, and it will enable you to shift from work to home gently.

Time to streamline your social life

If you think that your social life is taking away a lot of energy, it’s time to update the address book. Take a look at, and if you feel that it is clustered, buy a new one. Once you start entering the names of people on the new address book, you will get to learn who are your real friends, who you should say goodbye to.

Reposition 27 items

If you think that you are not able to make the transition to the new season, reposition 27 simple items in your house. Why 27 you ask, well, nine is the number for longevity, and when you add three, it depicts the growths. This way, you will start seeing auspicious changes happening in your life.

Hang a shelf bracket

When you start feeling exhausted, and you don’t know what to do to overcome all your stress, take a look at the left corner of your bedroom. Now, hang a shelf bracket. You can place a lovely sculpture or a beautiful vase on top of it. This will make you feel lighter and will lift your thoughts.

Put a family photo at the right corner of your office desk

Here’s a tip for those who are unable to create the right balance during this fall. Take a print out of a recent family photo and place it on top of your office desk. The position should be far right. You will start noticing that you are able to balance your office and home better.

Suspend a flowing curtain

Another tip for people desperately wanting to divide their personal and professional life, suspend a flowing drape in between a work station at your home and sleep area, is your work station is in the bedroom. The crux is not to be able to see your desk while you are resting.

Soften up

Your bedroom is the place where you rest. So, add some fluffy cushions to your bed, think of soft lighting, and more. You can also add some scented candles. Play a piece of soft music and relax. These things help.

Pay your respects

You know that you are thankful for every achievement that you have achieved so far. Now is the perfect time to thank everyone. Create a list of 27 things that you grateful for, now fold the list, and put it inside a red envelope. Put the envelope under the mattress. Don’t take it out until winter. This will channel positive energy in your life, allowing you to enjoy fall.

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