Your FREE 2020 Love Horoscope

2020 will not start with a good note for all the couples. However, this will get as real as it can be. On January 10, we can see a Lunar Eclipse happening. We can also see conjunction between the two planets Saturn and Pluto, in Capricorn. The eclipse will take place on January 12th. If you think that your relationship with your partner is untenable, it is better to call it quits because 2020 is going to get very real.

Another thing that will happen is Mars and Venus Retrograde, which will have a direct impact on your sex life, no matter what type of relationship you are into. Starting from May 13 to June 25, Venus will shift to Gemini, which means you can expect to see significant decision-making moments in your life, which will involve two people. Having options in your life is always good, but simultaneously, when you end up having too many choices, you will start to feel suffocated. You might even come across someone who you thought was gone long away.

Be careful because Venus is going to oppose Neptune three times in 2020, the dates are May 3, May 20, and finally n July 27. Plus, on July 5, Lunar Eclipse is happening on June 5, which will cloud your mind with a lot of puzzling thoughts. You might even question if the person you are seeing is even right for you or not. You might even start feeling regret about your decisions about your chosen partner.

Our suggestion is not to make any harsh decisions, because now is not the right time. Remember, the grass is greener in those gardens where the lawn owner continuously waters the grass. Venus Retrograde will help you see a few things and will take you to the next-level awareness, which will allow you to see everything clearly.

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    I'm agree for my zodiac sign because I'm happy for my future in my life?thank you

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