How to Unite with Your Twin Flame

The awareness regarding twin flame is quite less. Sometimes people also use these two terms interchangeably. However, soul mates and twin flames are two different things.

The feeling of meeting either of them is divine, yet twin flames are said to have a stronger connection than soul mates. It is believed that you can have several soul mates throughout your life, but twin flame is just one.

The twin flame is a true mirror of your consciousness. So, when you meet him/her, it will make you feel like you are meeting yourself in another body. The sensation is like none other, you will fall for them in no time, completing each other spiritually and mentally. 

If you have not yet found your twin flame, be sure to understand both of your astrological signs. That is just the beginning. After you have a better understanding for both of your tendencies, be prepared for the journey with these seven stages. These seven stages are essential to every twin flame relationship. There is no way you can avoid it:

Stage 1: Preparing to find one

The preliminary stage of finding your twin flame is when you know that someone out there exists only for you. But you don't have any idea when you will see them. Most of the time, people are not conscious of this stage. You feel incomplete within and your heart aches for that one person who can make everything right. It is the phase of self-awareness and discovery. Love yourself the way you are planning to love the coming one


Stage 2: The first meeting

The first meeting is quite shorter for the twin flames. They will reveal themselves to you in a very abrupt manner. It will hardly be a glimpse at the first meeting, so do not expect much. At this point, you will identify that someone wonderful is going to enter your life very soon. You might already feel like you are in love and a deep sense of excitement will overpower you. People start dreaming about certain symbols that represent eternal love and these dreams will be occurring constantly.


Stage 3: Falling in love

Brace yourself for eternal love. Twin flames experience love at first sight and their relation unfolds in a fast forward mode. Most of the time, these meetings are like a fairy tale and soon you can't keep yourself away from this person.

Even before you start knowing them, you will already share an inseparable bond. The connection will be so powerful that you will be forced to accept this relationship. However, this honeymoon period do not last long as your relation enters a more intense phase.

Stage 4: The Turmoil 

The honeymoon period is a little reduced in the case of twin flames. In usual relations, it takes a while for the ego to come in between the interactions, but for twin flames, it happens faster. Both of you are a mirror of each other, so it’s easier for you to reach other’s thoughts.

The feeling is like someone has entered your sacred space without any warning. This will create some turbulence in your relationship and you both will run in the opposite direction. Don’t be frightened, it’s just a phase that will pass out with proper efforts. 


Stage 5: Chasing Each Other

As the relationship becomes difficult, it may also affect communication. Couples start playing the game of cat and mouse and their relationship comes to a temporary halt. Every couple pursues the situation differently, but the right way is to understand and curb these overwhelming emotions. Always remember that there is only one twin flame of yours in the world.

Stage 6: Surrender

Well, this is the most critical stage of a twin flame relationship? Going away from each other will make the twin flames explore their inner self. They will realize what they were afraid of and what are they running from. This triggers a soulful expansion and even if they are away from each other, they will feel like a shadow following them. 

Stage 7: Reunion

The universe will keep working till you are reunited with your twin flame. It is advised to stay calm and patient while you apart. Self-study yourself and generate the qualities needed for you to reunite. Soon you will release your control to the other one. The reunion will be such a wonderful feeling that others can't even understand it. It will be a total oneness that only a person who has experience it can describe. 

Four most important elements of a twin flame

If you are want to reach your twin flame, there are four elements that need to be balanced. Here are those:


Deep emotional connection

Twin flames need to create a harmony with their heart, aligning their thought, knowledge, and feeling. Usually, it happens automatically, but you will need to work on it initially. Take an example of a mother and a baby, just being close to the baby, her brainwave synchronizes with the child's heartbeat. 

There will be a similar exchange of energy between the twin flames. When you encounter your twin flame, your hidden emotions will be released and that is when you will need your courage and confidence. Better work on your emotions before you start your journey to find your twin flame. 


Mental connection

Mental connection in twin flames is so deep that the duo sometimes forgets that there are other things in the universe. This connection can sometimes make other parts of your life fall away. Another case of a mental connection in twin flame is complementary skill sets. Each has a talent or trait that if combines will give them strength.

Physical connection

When twin flames meet they generate Oneness. This is not a physical attraction rather the beginning of self-awareness. Sometimes this sudden change may lead to dysfunctional behavior. But when the cycle of extreme behavior breaks a strong physical bond is established. 

Spiritual connection

One of the most amazing things about twin flames is they can sense each other’s emotions and moods. It’s one of the many sacred occurrences that results in unconditional love. This feeling can be generated only when the partners have been through the separation period. 

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