July 2021 Horoscope for Sagittarius

Turning Up the Heat for Sagittarius

July promises to be a steamy and intense month for Sagittarius. This is because the charismatic Sun will be moving through their 8th House of Intimacy and Joint Finances between the 1st and the 21st. As their love horoscope shows, the archer will be virtually irresistible during this passionate period.

The new moon on the 9th should be lucky for Sagittarius as far as both money and love are concerned. If the archer is given a choice between taking a flat salary or earning a commission, they should pick the latter, as their daily money horoscope shows.

The Archer will easily outperform the competition and will benefit from getting a percentage of the profits. 

On the 23rd, the full moon could find Sagittarius returning from a short trip or earning a diploma or certificate. This turn of events will help the Archer attract bigger and better opportunities for personal expansion, as their daily horoscope reflects.

Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruling planet, moves into their 3rd House of Short-distance Travel and Communication, where it will stay until December 28th. Opportunities for intellectual stimulation will make the archer glow with happiness during this upbeat phase.

Smart Sagittarians will check their daily horoscope regularly for advice on when to take trips and classes.

Love and Dating for Sagittarius in July 2021

The new moon on the 9th showcases Sagittarius’s special brand of sexiness since it rises in their 8th House of Intimacy and Joint Finances.

After checking their love horoscope, the archer will be delighted to discover their chances for attracting romance are very high on this magical day when all eyes will be on them.

Travel could put Sagittarius directly in the path of love, this could start on the 22nd when the charming Sun moves into their 9th House of Higher Learning and Long-distance Journeys. As shown by their love horoscope, the archer’s exotic ways will prove attractive to locals in a foreign country, who adore this sign’s humor and honesty. 

Career and Work for Sagittarius in July 2021

Sagittarius’s chances for finding a lucrative job will dramatically increase starting on the 21st, as their career horoscope shows.

That’s when abundant Venus will move through their 10th House of Professional Prospects. Finding a job involving education, travel, or publishing is highly favored. Alternatively, the archer could find a great position related to healthcare. 

Health for Sagittarius in July 2021

The best day for Sagittarius to get a health boost is on the 5th when the vital Sun makes a supportive angle to visionary Uranus in this sign’s 6th House of Work and Wellbeing. Trying an alternative healing therapy could be very effective for the archer, as indicated by their daily horoscope.

Archers seeking a health consultation would be wise to schedule one on the 20th when communicative Mercury forms a beneficial aspect to innovative Uranus.

Sagittarius’s daily horoscope will show that a forward-thinking health professional could finally pinpoint the source of an elusive problem for this sign.

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