July 2021 Horoscope for Scorpio

Venturing into the Big, Wide World 

July presents a thrilling opportunity to travel, study, and write for Scorpio, since the vivacious Sun tours their 9th House of Higher Learning and Adventure between the 1st and 21st, as suggested by their daily horoscope.

This is a fabulous time for the Scorpion to visit a foreign country, take a course on their favorite subject, or begin working on a book. Members of this sign who want to expand their horizons should check their daily horoscope regularly during this fateful period. 

Signing a contract is strongly advised for Scorpio on the 9th, thanks to an auspicious new moon. This celestial event will energize the Scorpion’s 9th House of Higher Learning and Adventure, allowing them to move on to greener pastures, both financially and personally.

This sign’s daily money horoscope should be especially favorable for the two weeks following the new moon.

The full moon on the 23rd favors this sign buying or selling property. That’s because this celestial event will energize Scorpio’s 4th House of Domesticity, possibly prompting them to find a move to a less expensive property in an up-and-coming neighborhood.

Scorpions who want to move should check their daily horoscope regularly for two weeks following this date—this will direct them to the most auspicious times to seal such a deal. 

Love and Dating for Scorpio on 2021

Travel could put the Scorpion in the path of romance on the 15th. This is when the playful Sun makes a supportive angle to dreamy Neptune. After checking their daily horoscope, members of this sign will be delighted to discover that their prospects for finding love are very strong at this time. 

Building a home with the one they love is a distinct possibility starting on the 28th when lucky Jupiter moves into the Scorpion’s 4th House of Domesticity.

As shown by their love horoscope, members of this sign will have an enjoyable time creating a comfortable life with their romantic partner between then and December 28th, while this cozy phase lasts.  

Career and Work for Scorpio in 2021

On the 12th, a trine between intelligent Mercury and expansive Jupiter could help Scorpio negotiate a pay raise or top-tier salary. As their daily money horoscope shows, most Scorpions will emerge wealthier from this transit, since Jupiter rules their 2nd House of Earned Income. 

A glamorous work opportunity could fall into Scorpio’s lap on the 13th. This is when abundant Venus will meet with aggressive Mars in the sign’s 10th House of Professional Prospects.

After checking their b, members of this sign may be inspired to apply for a high-profile job in the arts and entertainment field.

Health for Scorpio in July 2021

Scorpions should beware of working too hard this July. Mars, the ruler of their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing, will make tense aspects to restrictive Saturn and unpredictable Uranus between the 1st and 3rd.

As their daily horoscope shows, this sign should keep their work commitments to the bare minimum to maintain robust health at this time.

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