May 2021 Horoscope for Aquarius

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Homelife will be a source of profound joy for Aquarius this May, as their daily horoscope reflects. From the 1st through the 20th, the heart-warming Sun moves through the water bearer’s 4th House of Domesticity.

On the 4th, Mercury will move into Aquarius’s 5th House of Fun, Romance, and Creativity, prompting this sign to regularly check their love horoscope through July 11th to discover their best opportunities for romance. 

Romantic prospects will improve between the 4th and July 11th, when flirtatious Mercury moves into Aquarius’s 5th House of Fun, Love, and Creativity. Regularly checking their love horoscope is a great strategy for water bearers who seek the devotion they deserve.

Even independent Aquarians will become more receptive to love on the 9th when alluring Venus moves into their 5th House of Fun, Love, and Creativity until June 2nd.

Single water bearers could meet someone special at a class, library, or bookstore, while committed members of this sign will notice a new spark in their relationship, as reflected by their daily horoscope.

The new moon on the 11th is the perfect time for Aquarius to find a new residence or launch a home improvement project. As their daily horoscope shows, the Moon will rise in their 4th House of Domesticity, inviting the water bearer to devote more time to family, entertaining, cooking, cleaning, and decorating. 

On the 13th, lucky Jupiter will move into the water bearer’s 2nd House of Earned Income, where it will stay until July 28th.

According to their daily money horoscope, Aquarius will see a significant increase in income during this golden period, thanks to high-paying freelance assignments or a lucrative job.

Devoting more time to creative pursuits will be likely from the 20th until June 20, when the artistic Sun moves through Aquarius’s 5th House of Fun, Love, and Creativity. During this happy time, the imaginative water bearer will be inspired to write, paint, dance, play music, or anything else that appeals to their artistic side, as indicated by their daily horoscope.

Aquarius’s personal responsibilities will ease on the 23rd, as reflected by their daily horoscope. That’s because Saturn, the planet of responsibility, will go retrograde in their 1st House of Identity until October 11th, giving this sign more time to rest, relax, and have fun. 

A lunar eclipse on the 26th could mark the end of a friendship or group association for Aquarius. Although this event will have a disruptive effect on the water bearer, it will also be quite cathartic—according to their daily horoscope, it’s time for this sign to upgrade their social network. 

On the 29th, communicative Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius’s 5th House of Fun, Romance, and Creativity, as their love horoscope demonstrates. There’s a distinct possibility that a former romantic interest or partner could reappear in the Water-bearer’s life between then and June 22nd. 

Love and Dating for Aquarius in May 2021

May will be an especially romantic month for the water bearer, as their daily horoscope indicates. On the 4th, communicative Mercury moves into their 5th House of Fun, Love, and Creativity, helping this sign connect with someone who stimulates their intellect and makes them laugh.

Aquarius will become even more attractive to romance on the 9th, thanks to alluring Venus’s entry into their 5th House of Fun, Love, and Creativity. As their love horoscope shows, lots of people will be attracted to The Water-bearer’s independent attitude, creative vision, and experimental nature.

On the 20th, a beneficial trine between attractive Venus and stable Saturn could prompt Aquarius to embark on a serious relationship, according to their daily horoscope. Even the freedom-loving Water-bearer could be prompted to make a commitment on this exceptional day. 

Aquarius’s love horoscope will show a double-dip of luck on the 20th. That’s because the outgoing Sun will move through their 5th House of Fun, Love, and Creativity between then and June 20th, paving the way for great dates, exciting flirtations, and intimate encounters.

It will be much easier for the water bearer to lighten up and have some fun on the relationship front between the 23rd and October 11th, when serious Saturn leaves their 1st of Identity. Regularly checking their love horoscope during this golden period will put Aquarius on the path to romance. 

Communicative Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius’s 5th House of Fun, Romance, and Creativity, suggesting that a former love interest or partner could return to this sign’s life. The water bearer should pay close attention to their love horoscope between then and June 22nd to see how this encounter will unfold. 

Career and Work for Aquarius in May 2021

An opportunity to sell their creative work will fall into the water bearer’s lap on the 2nd, as reflected by their daily money horoscope. Aquarius shouldn’t hesitate to advertise their wares via social media on this momentous day.  

The 12th marks an exciting workday for Aquarius, thanks to a supportive sextile between courageous Mars and the original Uranus. This sign’s career horoscope will show that they could launch a successful home-based business on this surprising day. 

The 13th kicks off a remarkably lucrative period for Aquarius when lucky Jupiter enters their 2nd House of Earned Income. Regularly checking their daily money horoscope between then and July 28th is a smart idea for water bearers who are interested in generating abundance. 

On the 30th, a beneficial trine between outgoing Mars and idealistic Neptune could help Aquarius land their dream job. As their career horoscope shows, the water bearer could find a lucrative position involving catering, hospitality, or child education.

Health for Aquarius in May 2021

Aquarius’s health should be good throughout the month of May, provided they remain active. Mars, the action planet, will be moving through the water bearer’s 6th House of Work and Well-being, urging this sign to take as much brisk exercise as possible, as their daily horoscope reflects.

The water bearer’s daily horoscope also shows that their health will be especially robust on the 30th. That’s when energetic Mars makes a supportive angle to idealistic Neptune, allowing Aquarius to reach a personal best.

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