The 12 Houses of an Astrological Chart and What it Represents

During the time of your birth all the planets are aligned in a specific order. This alignment is further divided into zones known as “houses”. A house and the planets within it is what you need to predict someone’s future. Know that these houses on your astrological chart represent some character of yours along with a connection to your surroundings.

Whenever a planet visits a house it lights up that particular house with its own characteristics. Astrologers blend the meaning of each of these planets and then map the opportunities and obstacles of your life.

To create a birth chart, Astrologers take into consideration the time of birth as well as the date. The horoscope that you read online is just based on DOB. For a more accurate answer, look for a birth chart that includes the time of your birth too.

12 Houses of an Astrological Chart

As the houses are divided based on personal and inter social traits they are categorized into two parts - first personal and second interpersonal houses. First to sixth house is considered personal and the rest of it interpersonal.

1st house

Just like in real life even the first house resembles all the first Impressions. It judges you based on the physical personality and how you look like. The body parts affected by this house is your brain and face. It concludes with all your firsts including appearance, a fresh start, and beginnings. Your entire body foundation, nature, childhood, and health is dependent on it. If your house is weak, there can be problems like headaches and mental illness.

 2nd house

The 2nd house of the chart is ruled by your possessions. All the materialistic and non-materialistic things you are going to have in your life are represented in this house. Along with your investment and belongings, even your voice is determined by the second house.  The ruling sign of the house is Taurus and the body organs influenced by it is your hair, teeth, eyes, mouth, nose, facial bone, and upper neck.

3rd house

The mental inclination of an individual is judged by the third house of the astrological chart. This house relates to the family, interests, and habits of an individual. Your IQ and communication skills are also predicted by this one house. Body parts influenced by the third house is the hand, arm shoulder, collarbone, leg, lungs, and nervous system. If you have a weaker third house, you can witness several health issues in these parts of the body

4th house

Your background, domestic happiness, as well as ownership, is determined by the fourth house of the chart. The body organs affected by the up and down of the house are the stomach, breast, and digestive organs. The owner of this house is cancer.

5th house

The fifth house of your birth chart is related to joy, pleasure, romance, and playfulness of life. It somewhat affects your mental intelligence, creativity, and is directly proportional to a sound mind. The good thing here is - the house is governed by Jupiter so you can expect a lot of fortune, good luck, and optimism.

6th house

The 6th house is called the house of health. Duty, responsibilities, and personal growth, every thing is determined by this house of the astrological chart. The focus here is more on employees and employment. The ruling planet here is mercury and the sign is Virgo.

7th house

7th house in your birth chart is the house of a life partner. Along with your life partner, it also dominates all your partnership including business and works relations. This house signifies Libra and can play a great role in important decision of your life.  

8th house

The eighth house of your chart is the mysterious one. Your life's best mysteries, energy, bonding, and secrets are ruled by this one. And, who could rule such a thing other than the very secretive Scorpio.

9th house

Your ideologies are defined by the ninth house of your birth chart. All the religious instincts, deed, and charity is also dominated by this one house. If someone’s 9th house is strong, there is a higher chances foreign settlement. The ruling zodiac for this sign is Sagittarius.

10th house

The profession of a person is defined by the planetary position of the tenth house. Its energy is ruled by Capricorn and the planet is Saturn. How reputed you are is determined by the health of this house. The body organs affected by this house is bone, knee cap, and joints.

11th house

Aquarius and Sun is the lord and sign of this house. The body parts governed by 11th house are ankles, right leg, and left ear. This house is a strong indicator of name, fame money, and wealth.

12th house

Behind the last house of the astrological chart lies the beginning of the spiritual journey. It connects more to the subconscious mind and psychological issues. The ruler of the house is Pisces and the energy here is of Neptune.

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