The Importance of the North and South Nodes in Your Chart

All of us want to know more about ourselves. We buy self-help books; we spend hours and hours on the internet taking personality tests, and not to forget those never-ending visits to the psychic mediums. We all try different methods to figure out the reasons behind certain things that happen in our lives. If you are someone who has an interest in the cosmic guidance of astrology, then you should also try to understand the importance of the North and South Nodes in your chart. These nodes can tell you a lot about your life’s purpose, path, and guide you to channel your focus on things that will let you live a wonderful life.

To make you understand what these nodes mean, they are termed as nodes of fate, and they are basically lunar nodes. They can help us see our spiritual path in life. These nods also help us understand the things that we should let go to have a better and fulfilling life. Each of these nodes will have their particular signs when you are born in your birth chart. However, don’t misunderstand them to be the actual celestial bodies. These are just points, which will explain the relationship between Earth, Sun, and finally, the Moon.

The North Node

The North Node is basically considered to be uncharted territory. This is a place that you have never explored. No one knows what the future holds for us; however, if you go by the signs and house depicted by the North Node, you will be able to see tremendous soul growth. When you follow your North Node, you are basically allowing yourself to let go of certain fears. You are ready for the leap of faith.

The South Node

The South Node is about your past life. The South Node will remind you of your past life. Through the South Node, you will get to know about the things that you are really good at. These are talents that you have been carrying throughout many lives and mastered upon. Sometimes we become so comfortable in our South Node because it gives us a sense of security, we don’t feel like trying out anything new.

The key to master the connection between the South Node and the North Node is by building a bridge between the two. You need to think about the traits that the South Node has gifted you with and then pursue your North Node vocation. If you can do that perfectly, you will become the master of the two.

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