Transit of Aug. 2, 2022: Venus in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus

The best night for romance as we will be feeling affectionate and sensual with our new lovers and playful with our friends.

Venus sextile Mars natal gives a vivacious, engaging and honest personality. You are socially popular and should be among the “in” crowd because of your beautiful appearance and alluring nature. There is nothing superficial about your beauty and friendliness. You have a zest for life and a strong desire to experience everything with intensity.

Your love life is where you experience this intensity the most. Your harmonious and peaceful nature means you should attract non-aggressive and genuine partners and friends. They must also be sexy and able to meet your strongly sensual desires.

You are a people person and would excel in any career where your suave and charismatic nature can have a positive influence on other people. Your playful and sporty nature together with creative talent makes you very versatile. The warm, fuzzy aura or glow around your face can be used to your advantage in self-promotion or the promotion of any cause you wish to fight for.

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