What happens when you lack an element in your natal chart?

When a baby is born, he or she is the composite of planets. Now, you may have a good idea about your star sign, but what you might not be aware of is that each of the star sign has an element governing them. There are four elements, and they are fire, earth, air, and water. If you take a look at your natal chart, you will see that your planets are influenced by an element. Let’s assume that your sign has the fire element, meaning you are Aires, or Leo, or Sagittarius, it means that you are highly enthusiastic. You are prone to take drastic steps without really thinking about the actual consequences.

Now, every star sign should have a balance between all the elements, meaning there should be a harmony between earth, air, fire, and water. If you lack any one of the elements, you will notice two significant behavioral habits. One is the blind spot, and the second is overcompensation. Let’s give you a simple example. You are preparing a nice casserole, but you have added a lot of salt, what will happen then? It will become inedible. Now, picture another example, where you have made an apple pie, but then you have forgotten to add sugar. The cake will taste bland, or rather flavorless.

When you lack one of the four elements, you will notice two dominant behavior traits, as we said, bling spot and overcompensation.

Blind spot: This is where a person is completely unaware of his behavior. You might be compassionate, you have the zeal to try new things, you think out of the box, but you are never grounded, this is when you have a blind spot.

Overcompensation: You are overcompensated because of the missing element, which will yet again create some unintentional disturbances.

Each element has certain qualities, take a look below.

Earth: Sensation.

Air: Thinker.

Fire: Action.

Water: Feeling.

Now, let’s explain about the behavioral characteristics when one of the elements goes missing.

Lack of earth element

If you lack the earth element, then you will have some negative behavioral characteristics, such as unrealistic expectations, ungrounded, or impractical. You will find difficulty in finding a new job; you won’t be able to save money as much as you want, you will not be able to take care of your body, etc.


You will become someone who will work tirelessly without really thinking about the repercussions. You might become miserly, who might crib for simple little expenses. You might be focusing too much on one thing, and completely negate the rest.

Lack of air element

You might fail to detach yourself from something. You might find it challenging to come down to a solution.


You might also become overly active about things that you do. Over-educated and hyper-knowledgeable about your domain.

Lack of fire element

Signs with a lack of fire element will not have enough enthusiasm to deal with the world. You might feel the unwillingness to follow certain decisions in life.


You might become hyperactive, which will lead to jumping to conclusions without paying attention to detail. You will face trouble understanding a problem; you might even face difficulty in understanding your relationship with your partner and other people.

Lack of water element

You might become uncaring, insensitive, and unempathetic. No matter who that person be, you will feel a lack of connection.


You might become someone who goes out of the box to help someone without really thinking about the consequences. You might drain yourself emotionally while helping others.

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