2021: Yearly Horoscope for Pisces

The Big Picture for Pisces in 2021

Pisces is destined to have one of their best years ever in 2021, thanks to Jupiter, the planet of luck, visiting their own sign twice. As the Fish’s daily horoscope shows, the first golden period falls between May 14th and July 28th, and the second stretches from December 29th all the way into 2022.

Fabulous good fortune will follow this sign everywhere during these phases, in the form of money, romance, travel, adventure, and career opportunities.

This spiritual sign will also have plenty of time to rest, relax, and reflect on the nature of life, since expansive Jupiter will also move through their 12th House of Spirituality between January 1st and May 13th, and then again from July 29th to December 28th. Going on a pilgrimage or solitary vacation is strongly advised for these times, as Pisces’s daily horoscope indicates. 

2021 also gives the Fish an opportunity to do some shadow work, overcoming hang-ups and taboos that have prevented them from realizing their full potential. This is due to stern Saturn’s stay in their 12th House of Spirituality all year.

Smart members of this sign will check their daily horoscope regularly for guidance on how to replace feelings of limit and lack with a healthy sense of confidence and abundance. 

A series of impromptu trips will keep Pisces on the move throughout the year. Spontaneous Uranus continues its visit to the Fish’s 3rd House of Short-term Travel and Study. Taking a class for pure pleasure is also favored for this sign, as their daily horoscope reflects. 

Pisces’s psychic powers will remain strong in 2021, thanks to Neptune, their ruling planet, moving through their 1st House of Identity. It will be especially easy for the Fish to detect romantic and financial opportunities this year, as evidenced by both their love horoscope and daily money horoscope

This sign’s social circle will continue to undergo big changes, as transformational Pluto maintains its slow pace through their 11th House of Friendship. Outmoded social relationships will fall by the wayside, only to be replaced with more rewarding alliances. According to Pisces’s career horoscope, this sign is destined to befriend at least one VIP in 2021.

The eclipses of 2021 will have a strong impact on the Fish. The first is a lunar eclipse on May 26th, it falls in Pisces’s 10th House of Professional Prospects. Smart members of this sign will check their daily money horoscope regularly for career guidance at this volatile time when an oppressive work assignment comes to a close.

Pisceans that have been hoping to relocate will welcome the solar eclipse on June 10th, which electrifies their 4th House of Domesticity. Moving to a place that is sociable, cultured, and stimulating is a strong possibility for the Fish at this time, as their daily horoscope suggests. 

Toward the end of the year, on December 4th, some welcome career news will arrive for the Fish, thanks to the solar eclipse in their 10th House of Professional Prospects. Landing a high-profile job involving travel, education, or publishing will fill Pisces with joy.

Paying close attention to their career horoscope for two weeks after this lucky celestial event is strongly recommended, as there will be lots of golden opportunities for getting ahead. 

Love Horoscope for Pisces in 2021

Romantic luck will abound for the Fish in 2021, thanks to upbeat Jupiter’s tour of their 1st House of Identity between May 14th through July 28th, and then again from December 29th through 2022. As their love horoscope shows, Pisces will have no trouble attracting admirers wherever they go during these golden phases. 

Single Fish could meet someone special in the two-week period following July 10th, when the New Moon rises in their 5th House of Love and Creativity. According to their love horoscope, there’s a good chance that Pisces will join hearts with a tender, nurturing, and funny romantic interest at this time. Together, they could establish a comfortable household filled with art, music, and laughter. 

Members of this sign who want to get engaged or married should pay careful attention to the days surrounding September 7th, when the new moon radiates positivity in their 7th House of Partnerships. According to Pisces’s daily horoscope, this period is excellent for making romantic promises, exchanging rings, and reciting vows. 

Fish who are in committed relationships may want to schedule a romantic trip between September 11th and October 6th, when luxurious Venus moves through their 9th House of Adventure.

This will be a wonderful time for Pisces and their partner to visit an ancient city by the sea or a lovely vacation resort. As their love horoscope indicates, both this sign and their mate will have a wonderful time together. 

Friendship Horoscope for Pisces in 2021

Pisces has always enjoyed an extensive social network, thanks to their ability to sympathize with people from all walks of life. In 2021, they could befriend a great deal of socially prominent people, since powerful Pluto will be touring their 11th House of Friendship throughout 2021. As their daily horoscope shows, the Fish will benefit from knowing people in high places this year. 

For Fish who want to steer a friendship into romantic waters, they should pay careful attention to the days between January 9th and February 1st. As their love horoscope indicates, this is when romantic Venus will be moving through their 11th House of Friendship. Joining hearts with someone who is ambitious, focused, and witty is a strong possibility during this time. 

Career Horoscope for Pisces in 2021

Pisces who are seeking a raise or high-paying job should make their move between March 22nd and April 14th, when abundant Venus will visit their 2nd House of Earned Income. As their daily money horoscope suggests, this is the best time of the entire year to attain the prosperity that the Fish deserves. 

Unemployed Fish have a great chance of finding their perfect job between June 12th and July 29th. This is when ambitious Mars will be touring their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing, allowing them to outperform their competitors, as their career horoscope shows.

Landing a position in the arts and entertainment field is a strong possibility. Alternatively, Pisces could find a great job working with children. 

There are two eclipses in 2021 that may affect Pisces’s career. The first falls on May 26th, when a lunar eclipse brings a toxic work situation to a close. As their daily money horoscope indicates, leaving this stressful situation will allow the Fish to find a much better way to pay their bills.

After doing some temporary work, the solar eclipse on December 4th will deliver this sign’s dream job right to their door. 

Health Horoscope for Pisces in 2021

Pisces will enjoy radiant good health this year, provided they practice moderation. It’s especially important for the Fish to follow a sensible diet and exercise regimen between June 27th and July 21st, when decadent Venus moves through their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing.

As their daily horoscope reflects, getting plenty of aerobic exercises will keep this sign in top condition during this tempting time, as will eating a diet rich in fresh citrus fruit. 

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