May 2021 Monthly Horoscopes for Taurus

Get Ready for Your Close-up, Taurus

May is rife with opportunities for the Bull to show off their best qualities since the attention-getting Sun is moving through their 1st House of Identity from the 1st through the 20th. As their daily horoscope indicates, this sign will attract lots of favorable attention for their artistry, earthy sensuality, velvet voice, and soothing presence.

The 6th will be an especially auspicious day for Taurus, since Venus, their ruling planet, will make a loving connection with seductive Pluto. After checking their love horoscope, the bull will discover this is one of the best days of the entire year to find romance, have a passionate encounter, or reunite with a past love interest.

Any bull wanting to look their best should schedule a makeover, cosmetic procedure, or shopping spree on the 11th when the new moon rises in their own sign. As they’ll discover from their daily money horoscope, this is an ideal time for Taurus to invest in their appearance.

Taurus’s social life will grow by leaps and bounds on the 13th when expansive Jupiter moves into their 11th House of Friendship. Making friends with visual artists, musicians, writers, photographers, poets, and filmmakers will further enhance the bull’s love of life, as shown in their daily horoscope.

Serious Saturn goes retrograde in the bull’s 10th House of Career on the 23rd, suggesting that this sign’s best professional opportunities come from former bosses, colleagues, and mentors. After checking their career horoscope on this magical day, smart Taureans will reach out to people who can provide them with glowing references and exciting job leads.

On the 26th, a lunar eclipse in this sign’s 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources could bring an end to a close relationship or outside source of income, as their daily money horoscope suggests. Although this break could be jarring, it will ultimately set the bull free to explore greener pastures.

Financial negotiations and deals could slow to a crawl on the 29th when mental Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus’s 2nd House of Earned Income. Instead of pushing through such talks and deals, it would be better for the bull to practice their famous patience between then and June 22nd, as their daily horoscope demonstrates. 

Love and Dating for Taurus in May 2021

It won’t be necessary for Taurus to go looking for love this May—it will come to them, as shown by their daily horoscope. This sign’s special brand of sensuality will be especially evident from the 1st and the 20th when the charismatic Sun moves through their 1st House of Identity. 

On the 2nd, Venus, the bull’s ruler, will make a sweet sextile to Neptune, the planet of fantasy. After checking their love horoscope, Taurus will realize that the many attentive stares they receive are the product of this lucky transit, which enhances their natural good looks and sex appeal.

A delicious trine between romantic Venus and irresistible Pluto on the 6th is ideal for the bull to sneak off with an attentive admirer. As their love horoscope shows, this is one of the best days of 2021 for Taurus to indulge their powerful sensual nature.

Friendship could turn to romance on the 11th when the new moon causes the bull to radiate with happiness. Thanks to the Moon’s flirtatious angle with dreamy Neptune in their 11th House of Friendship, a platonic relationship could turn to a red hot romance, as they’ll discover from checking their daily horoscope.

It’s possible that a family member will offer to set single bulls up on the 12th—when their love horoscope shows that a soft angle between assertive Mars and spontaneous Uranus could result in a powerful love connection. Falling in love, at first sight, is a distinct possibility for this sign.

Career and Work for Taurus in May 2021

Taurus’s financial opportunities will soar after the 21st when the life-giving Sun moves into their 2nd House of Earned Income through June 21st.

Smart bulls will check their daily horoscope regularly during this golden period, which will attract high-paying jobs and raises. Self-employed members of this sign can also raise their fees at this time. 

As their daily money horoscope shows, a lunar eclipse on the 26th, in the bull’s 8th House of Intimacy and Joint Resources could bring an end to a steady source of income, like a royalty agreement or legal settlement. Although this may result in a temporary financial pinch, it will also create more freedom for Taurus to make their own money.

Fortunately, another transit on the 29th will work to the bull’s financial advantage, communicative Mercury will join with Venus, this sign’s ruling planet. According to their career horoscope, Taurus could do extremely well with a job interview or client meeting at this time. 

Although this sign will make progress with finances in May, it may take a little longer to sign deals and get definitive offers after the 29th, as their daily money horoscope reflects. This is because communicative Mercury will go retrograde in their 2nd House of Earned Income through June 21st; Taurus’s patience will be a virtue at this time.

Health for Taurus in May 2021

Taurus’s health should be robust in May 2021, provided they stay away from the rich desserts they love so much. This sign should check their daily horoscope regularly throughout the month to learn which days to practice moderation in their diet.

As far as exercise is concerned, activities that draw on the bull’s steadfast dedication will yield the best results, like a weight-resistance program or running routine. As their daily horoscope shows, Taurus will greatly benefit by dedicating set days and times for exercise throughout May. 

Work anxiety could cause problems for Taurus on the 3rd when the self-conscious Sun makes a tense angle to demanding Saturn. After checking their career horoscope, this sign will get the reassurance they need that their fears are totally unwarranted—they’re destined for greatness in work. 

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