July 2021 Horoscope for Taurus

Sweet Words of Affection for Taurus

Tender exchanges of affection will make July especially sweet for Taurus. That’s because the warm Sun will be moving through this sign’s 3rd House of Communication between the 1st and 21st, as their love horoscope reflects.

There’s a good chance that the bull will get a text message or email from an admirer during the pleasant time.

On the 9th, the new moon will rise in the bull’s 3rd House of Communication, making it a great time for this sign to learn a foreign language, computer code, or musical instrument. Any class that allows Taurus to share their ideas in new and exciting ways is favored, as their daily horoscope indicates.

A wonderful opportunity for Taurus to move to a new home will arrive on the 13th, thanks to a conjunction between Venus, their ruling planet, and outgoing Mars. Alternatively, the bull may sell a piece of property for a handsome profit, as their daily money horoscope shows. 

On the 21st, Venus, the bull’s ruler, moves into their 5th House of Love, Fun, and Creativity, opening the door to a passionate romance. Any Taurus who is looking for love should check their love horoscope regularly between July 21st and August 15th, when their powers of attraction will be very strong. 

The full moon on the 23rd could mark the end of a successful work assignment for Taurus. As their career horoscope shows, the bull could get a big promotion or high-powered job on this pivotal day. 

Love and Dating for Taurus in July 2021

A relative could set up Taurus on a wonderful blind date on the 13th, when Venus, their ruling planet, meets outgoing Mars. Bulls who are looking for love should check their daily horoscope at this auspicious time.

Venus, Taurus’s ruler, will visit their 5th House of Love, Fun, and Creativity between July 21st and August 15th. Checking their love horoscope regularly is strongly advised for the bull during this highly passionate period.

Career and Work for Taurus in July 2021

The full moon on the 23rd could mark an exciting turning point in Taurus’s career. That’s because this celestial event will energize the bull’s 10th House of Professional Prospects, as their career horoscope shows. 

On the 28th, expansive Jupiter will enter the bull’s 10th House of Professional Prospects, possibly attracting a job opportunity involving higher education, travel, or publishing. Any Taurus seeking work should check their daily money horoscope regularly between July 28th and December 28th, while this extraordinary period lasts. 

Health for Taurus in July 2021

Taurus’s health could be delicate on July 6th, when Venus, the planet that rules their 6th House of Work and Service, makes a hard aspect to restrictive Saturn. As their daily horoscope indicates, overwork could drain the bull’s energy at this tiring time. 

July 8th could also be tiring for The Bull, because Venus, their ruler, will form a tense square to anxious Uranus. Their daily horoscope may advise relaxation techniques at this trying time.

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