May 2021 Horoscope for Virgo

Expanding Horizons

The month of May will be blissful for curious Virgo, especially between the 1st and 20th, when the life-giving Sun moves through their 9th House of Higher Learning and Adventure. As their daily horoscope indicates, the virgin will have plenty of opportunities to study, write, and travel during this blissful time. 

On the 2nd, Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, will make a trine to transformative Pluto in their 5th House, paving the way for a sexy flirtation. According to their love horoscope, it will be a romantic day for people born under this sign. 

Mercury, the virgin’s ruler, moves into their 10th House of Professional Prospects on the 4th, making it a great time to find a new job, business opportunity, or work assignment. Ambitious Virgos should check their daily money horoscope regularly between then and July 11th, when their chances for advancement will be plentiful.

The new moon on the 11th will be an auspicious day for Virgos who are applying to school, taking tests, or graduating from academic programs. As their daily horoscope shows, the Moon will rise in this sign’s 9th House of Higher Education and Travel, which will satisfy their sharp intellect. 

Virgo’s love life will dramatically improve between the 13th and July 28th, when lucky Jupiter moves into their 7th House of Partnerships. Finding their soulmate or embarking on a second honeymoon is a distinct possibility during this blissful phase for this sign, as their love horoscope shows. 

Work will become much less stressful for this sign on the 23rd, when restrictive Saturn goes retrograde in their 6th House of Work and Well-being through October 11th. According to their daily money horoscope, work will become more plentiful and enjoyable for Virgo.

A lunar eclipse on the 26th brings an end to a tense household situation for Virgo. Moving to a better place or making extensive repairs to their existing home are distinct possibilities for this sign, as shown by their daily horoscope.

On the 30th, Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, will go retrograde in this sign’s 10th House of Professional Prospects until June 22nd. According to their career horoscope, a job, promotion, or business opportunity could be delayed during this confusing phase, when patience will be a virtue.

Love and Dating for Virgo in May 2021

The 2nd will be a great day for Virgo to meet and flirt with someone who shares their earthy sense of humor. As their love horoscope shows, this will be a great time to embark on a romance.

On the 6th, a trine between romantic Venus and passionate Pluto could pave the way for an intensely physical encounter with Virgo. Virgins who are looking for love should check their daily horoscope for extra information on this magical day.

Taking a romantic long-distance trip is favored for Virgo on the 13th, when lucky Jupiter moves into their 7th House of Partnerships, where it will stay until July 28th.

As their daily horoscope shows, members of this sign who are in committed relationships will fall even deeper in love, while single Virgins could meet a romantic interest who is tender, spiritual, and creative.

A powerful romantic encounter on the 17th could have a transformative effect on Virgo, as reflected by their love horoscope. A magical trine between the charismatic Sun and passionate Pluto is sure to bring this sign’s sensual side to the surface.

A lover’s quarrel could erupt on the 27th when vain Venus makes a tense angle to excessive Jupiter. Virgins who are interested in keeping their partner would be wise to check their love horoscope for tips on how to resolve this quarrel.

On the 30th, outgoing Mars will trine idealistic Neptune in the virgin’s 7th House of Partnerships. As Virgo’s love horoscope shows, friendship could turn to romance on this lovely day.

Career and Work for Virgo in May 2021

Virgo’s professional prospects will pick up on the 4th, when Mercury, their ruling planet, moves into their 10th House of Career. Between this time and July 11th, ambitious virgins would be wise to regularly check their career horoscope to take advantage of all the golden work opportunities that this time.

This sign’s star power will be further enhanced on the 9th when charming Venus also enters their 10th House of Career. As their daily money horoscope shows, this would be a great opportunity for Virgo to go on interviews, make professional presentations, and get business loans. 

The new moon on the 11th could attract an exciting opportunity for the Virgin to expand their skill set, as their daily horoscope demonstrates. 

On the 23rd, professional Saturn will go retrograde in the Virgin’s 6th House of Work and Wellbeing through October 11th. Jobs will become easier to land and work will become a lot more pleasant for Virgo, as their daily horoscope reflects. 

Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, goes retrograde on the 29th in their 10th House of Career, as shown by their career horoscope. It may take longer than usual to secure jobs during this slow period, but this hard-working sign persists, they’ll strike gold once Mercury moves direct on June 22nd. 

Health for Virgo in May 2021

Virgo should be careful about overindulging in food and drink on the 3rd, when Mercury, their ruler, makes a square to excessive Jupiter. The health-conscious virgin should check their daily horoscope for tips on how to avoid temptation on this challenging day when the overconfident Sun also squares strict Saturn.

Temptation could also rear its ugly head on the 8th, due to a challenging angle between indulgent Venus and careless Jupiter. According to their daily horoscope, it may be very difficult for sensual Virgo to practice moderation at a festive occasion.

A persistent health problem could ease for Virgo starting on the 23rd, due to restrictive Saturn going retrograde in their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing.

As their daily horoscope reflects, this would be a good time for this sign to improve their diet and exercise routine, when they’re feeling physically and emotionally well.

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