May 2021 Horoscopes for Leo

Basking in the Spotlight

May will be exceptionally great for Leo’s career, as evidenced by their career horoscope. The Sun, their ruler, will be touring their 10th House of Professional Prospects from May 1st through May 20th. There’s never been a better time for the lion to land their dream job, enter their desired industry, or start their own business.

A minor tiff with a love interest could erupt on the 3rd when the expressive Sun squares excessive Jupiter in Leo’s 7th House of Relationships. It’s possible Leo will have to defend their professional choices on this tense day, as reflected by their daily horoscope.

On the 6th, Leo will have plenty to purr about, since abundant Venus makes an uplifting trine to transformative Pluto in their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing. Ambitious members of their sign should be sure to check their career horoscope on this magical day.

The new moon on the 11th is especially auspicious for this sign since it will rise in their 10th House and make positive angles to idealistic Neptune. As shown by their daily money horoscope, Leo could get a lucrative job involving real estate, food, luxury goods, or indeed, any field they desire.

An inheritance, legal settlement, or bonus could fall into the lion’s lap between the 13th and July 28th. That’s when lucky Jupiter tours this sign’s 8th House of Intimacy and Joint Resources. Leo should check their daily horoscope regularly during this period, as it could not only bring money-making opportunities but romantic ones, too.

Between the 21st and July 21st, the Sun, Leo’s ruler, will move into their 11th House of Friendship, as their daily horoscope shows. Festive celebrations like weddings, congratulations, and birthday parties can provide this fun-loving sign with lots of joy.

Relationship problems could ease on the 23rd when stern Saturn goes retrograde in the lion’s 7th House of Partnerships. Checking their love horoscope on a daily basis between then and October 11th is a smart idea for Leos who have been shouldering much of the burden in an intimate partnership. 

A love affair could reach a turning point on the 26th, when a lunar eclipse sends shockwaves through Leo’s 5th House of Fun, Romance, and Creativity. Any Lions wondering if it’s time to make up or break up should regularly check their love horoscope during this tumultuous time.

The Lion’s social engagements could be constantly canceled and rearranged starting on the 29th, when communicative Mercury goes retrograde until June 22nd, as their daily horoscope indicates.

This stubborn sign should try to lighten up and be flexible throughout this unpredictable time.

Love and Dating for Leo in May 2021

Love may be rocky for Leos in May, due to some stressful aspects between the Sun, their ruler, and both Jupiter and Saturn, which are touring their 7th House of Partnerships.

As their love horoscope reflects, the 8th may be particularly strained, due to a tense square between vain Venus and exaggerated Jupiter.

Intimacy will ease after the 13th when lucky Jupiter moves into Leo’s 8th House of Intimacy and Joint Resources. Between then and July 28th, it will be easy for the Lion to drop their defenses and join hearts with the object of their desire, as shown by their love horoscope.

Responsible Saturn goes retrograde in this sign’s 7th House of Partnerships on the 23rd, bringing further relief to Leo’s love life. Regularly checking their daily horoscope between then and October 11th would be smart for Lions seeking love. 

The lunar eclipse on the 26th marks a big turning point in a romantic relationship for many Leos. As their love horoscope shows, it will be time for this sign to take a romance to the next level or break up entirely.

Career and Work for Leo in May 2021

The period between the 1st and the 20th will be auspicious for Leo’s professional-related matters, thanks to the Sun, their ruler, moving through their 10th House of Career. Ambitious Leos should check their career horoscope on a regular basis during this lucky period, which will be rich with work opportunities.

A temporary blip will occur on the 3rd, though, when the Sun, Leo’s ruler, makes a tense angle to restrict Saturn. As their daily money horoscope reflects, Lions will have a tough time with a business or romantic partner who disagrees with their professional plans.

This sign’s work prospects will quickly improve on the 6th, thanks to a beneficial angle between abundant Venus and resourceful Pluto, which sits in their 6th House of Work and Well-being. A fantastic raise or promotion is likely on this magical day, as their daily horoscope shows.

On the 11th, the new moon rises in Leo’s 10th House of Professional Prospects, making it an ideal time to land a job, start a business, or embark on their dream career. According to their career horoscope, this sign could have one of the best days of 2021.

If Leo has a choice between earning a flat salary and taking a commission starting on the 13th, they should pick the latter. That’s because expansive Jupiter will enter their 8th House of Intimacy and Joint resources at this time, as their daily money horoscope shows.

Health for Leo in May 2021

Leo’s health will make slow and steady progress in May, starting on the 6th, when attractive Venus makes a trine to transformative Pluto in their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing.

According to their daily horoscope, this sign could see wonderful results from a nutrition program or exercise routine on this uplifting day. 

On the 17th, a supportive trine between the Sun—Leo’s ruler, and empowered Pluto will mark a personal best for this sign. As shown by their daily horoscope, lions will be looking and feeling positively radiant on this pivotal date. 

Leo should make sure to practice safe sex on the 21st, when the Sun, their ruler, forms a stressful aspect to careless Jupiter in their 8th House of Intimacy, as reflected by their love horoscope.

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