May 2021 Monthly Horoscope for Aries

Rolling in Clover

May will be a month of financial abundance for rams, thanks to the empowering Sun’s journey through their 2nd House of Earned Income for most of the month. From the 1st to the 20th, ambitious Aries can find exceptional money-making opportunities, as their daily money horoscope shows. 

Financial opportunities related to real estate, restaurants, art, and landscaping will be especially lucrative, according to the ram’s daily horoscope. Pay careful attention to the two weeks following May 11th, when the new moon could attract a fantastic job offer or raise.

Starting on May 21st, the best opportunities for Aries will be in the realm of communication, thanks to the Sun’s entry to their 3rd House of Short-distance Travel and Study. As their daily horoscope shows, learning new ways to think about the world will be extremely lucky for rams between the 21st and 31st. 

It’s possible that Aries will be forced to cancel a long-distance trip or course of study, in the two weeks following the 26th, when a lunar eclipse sends shock waves through their 9th House of Overseas Travel and Higher Learning. According to their daily horoscope, this feisty sign will have to change course at the last minute, due to unforeseen circumstances, like a health concern or spiritual matter.

Aries’s spiritual life will assume greater importance after the 13th when expansive Jupiter moves into their 12th House of Solitude. As their love horoscope reflects, rams will take great pleasure connecting with their higher power through July 28th, when Jupiter returns to their 11th House of Friendship. 

Love and Dating for Aries in May 2021

Aries will be especially attractive to romance on the 6th when romantic Venus forms a beneficial trine with magnetic Pluto. According to their love horoscope, this fiery sign could easily fall in love or have a passionate encounter on this steamy day.

Rams that check their daily horoscope on the 17th will get lovely confirmation that their sex appeal is off the charts. That’s because the Sun, the ruler of their 5th House, will be flirting with passionate Pluto, attracting admirers from every corner. 

Friendship could turn to romance on the 20th, thanks to an irresistible trine between Venus, the planet of love, and loyal Saturn. As their daily horoscope shows, Aries could fall head over heels with a friend who excites their imagination and appeals to their love of adventure. 

Lover’s quarrels could easily break out with Aries after the 29th when argumentative Mercury goes retrograde in their 3rd House of Communication. As their love horoscope shows, these squabbles are best solved with sincere apologies, little gifts, and bouquets of flowers. 

The most romantic day of the entire month for rams falls on the 31st, when Mars, their ruling planet, forms a loving angle to Neptune—the planet of fantasy. Smart Aries will check their love horoscope to learn all the juicy details, which could include taking a trip to a gorgeous vacation resort. 

Career and Work for Aries in May 2021

Career opportunities will be especially fabulous for the rams this May. That’s because the empowering Sun, clever Mercury, and enriching Venus will all be making favorable aspects to transformative Pluto in their 10th House of Prospects, as their daily money horoscope reflects. 

The new moon on the 11th will be especially lucrative for Aries since it will send a jolt of electricity through their 2nd House of Earned Income. According to their career horoscope, rams can land their dream job in the two weeks following this magical date, so it’s a great time to send out resumes, network, and go on interviews. 

Clever members of this sign can negotiate better perks, benefits, and vacation time on the 17th. This is when the vivacious Sun forms a magical angle to resourceful Pluto. Ambitious rams should check their daily horoscope at this pivotal time. 

A valuable professional contact from the past could come back into Aries’s life on the 23rd when professional Saturn goes retrograde in their 11th House of Friendship. As their daily money horoscope shows, this alliance could result in a great work assignment or freelance gig. Who this sign knows will become more important than what they know until October 11th, when Saturn turns direct again.

Work momentum could slow down dramatically for rams after the 29th when decisive Mercury goes retrograde in their 3rd House of Communication. It will take longer than usual to get phone calls returned, paperwork approved, and equipment replaced, as demonstrated by their daily horoscope. 

Health for Aries in May 2021

A beneficial angle between sensuous Venus and restorative Pluto on the 6th brings this sign the perfect opportunity to rest, relax, and recharge their batteries. As their love horoscope shows, Aries can greatly benefit from taking a break on this pleasurable day. 

Taking more time for spiritual pursuits after the 13th is important for health-conscious rams. This is when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters their 12th House of Solitude and Reflection, where it will stay until July 28th, as reflected by their daily horoscope. 

On the 21st, ambitious Aries could make the mistake of putting too much on their plates, due to a tense angle between the overconfident Sun and exaggerated Jupiter. After looking at their daily horoscope, clever rams will cancel a few appointments and ask for deadline extensions to reduce their stress level. 

The lunar eclipse on the 26th could alert the ram to some important information about their health, as shown by their daily horoscope. Ending a toxic habit is strongly advised, health-oriented Aries should read as much as possible about ways to break free of this behavior to improve their normally vibrant health. 

After the 29th, Mercury, the ruler of Aries’s 6th House of Health and Wellbeing, will go retrograde. A minor ailment could flare up during this sensitive time.

Smart rams will check their daily horoscope regularly during this time to find ways to keep their system strong and thriving.

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