May 2021 Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

Intellectual Gymnastics

May will be mentally stimulating for Pisces, as their daily horoscope shows. On the 2nd, a beneficial angle between communicative Mercury and compelling Pluto indicates Pisces will do some hard and fast wheeling and dealing on this pivotal day.

Mercury moves into Pisces’s 4th House of Domesticity on the 4th, making it a terrific time to sign a lease or mortgage as their daily horoscope says. It’s also a good time for the fish to talk with family or arrange a big reunion of their nearest and dearest.

A big decorating or home improvement project could be in the works between the 9th and June 2nd when tasteful Venus joins Mercury in this sign’s 4th House of Domesticity. Artistic Pisces will be delighted with the beautiful results, as reflected by their daily horoscope.

On the 11th, the new moon will rise in the fish’s 3rd House of Short-term Travel and Education. Smart Pisceans will regularly check their daily horoscope in the two weeks following this celestial event, as it will be filled with opportunities to take quick trips and interesting classes.

Pisces will step into a marvelous golden period on the 13th, thanks to lucky Jupiter’s entry to their 1st House of Identity. Between then and July 28th, people born under the sign of the fish could experience a gorgeous glow-up that turns heads wherever they go, which should compel this sign to check their love horoscope on a regular basis.

From the 20th to July 21st, the affectionate Sun will move through this sign’s 4th House of Domesticity. According to their daily horoscope, spending more time close to home will be rewarding for Pisces. 

Serious Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces’s 12th House of Solitude on the 23rd, bringing an end to a period of isolation. Between then and October 11th, this sign will enjoy a greater amount of social activity than they have in a long time, as reflected by their daily horoscope.

A lunar eclipse on the 26th could bring an end to a career track for the fish. As their career horoscope indicates, this jarring event will allow Pisces to pursue a more rewarding line of work. 

Mental Mercury goes retrograde in this sign’s 4th House of Domesticity from the 29th through June 22nd, causing some family plans to be rescheduled at the last minute, as reflected by their daily horoscope.

Fortunately, Pisces’s legendary flexibility will allow them to continue swimming downstream during this bewildering period.

Love and Dating for Pisces in May 2021

A flirtatious conversation on the 2nd could make Pisceans feel like they’re walking on air, due to a sweet link between charming Venus and Neptune, their ruling planet. This fish’s love horoscope shows that they could run into someone special at a party, short trip, or local gathering spot.

Friendship could turn into romance for the fish on the 6th, which their love horoscope reflects. On this blissful day, alluring Venus will make a trine to passionate Pluto in Pisces’s 11th House of Friendships, causing some surprising sparks to fly. 

As indicated by their love horoscope, Pisces will receive lots of romantic attention starting on the 13th. That’s when lucky Jupiter will move into their 1st House of Identity, making the fish irresistible to everyone they meet. 

A trine between attractive Venus and established Saturn on the 20th will cause Pisces to catch the attention of a highly accomplished professional. Pisces looking to make a romantic connection should make sure to check their love horoscope to take full advantage of this lovely day. 

A family quarrel about a romantic choice could erupt on the 27th, due to a tense aspect between vain Venus and Neptune, Pisces’s ruler. When given a choice between appeasing their relatives and defending their romantic partner, the fish should always choose their lover, as their daily horoscope reflects.

On the 30th, normally passive Pisces may be inspired to pursue the object of their desire, thanks to a beneficial angle between outgoing Mars and Neptune, their ruling planet.

According to their love horoscope, listening to their heart could cause this sign to embark on a passionate relationship that’s beyond their wildest dreams.

Career and Work for Pisces in May 2021

Pisces could experience some ups and downs in their career in May, as their daily money horoscope shows. On the 3rd, the Sun, which rules this sign’s 6th House of Work and Wellbeing, will make a tense square to professional Saturn, causing them to worry unnecessarily about their work performance.

According to their career horoscope, Pisces will perk up on the 13th, when the upbeat Sun forms a supportive aspect to Neptune, their ruling planet. Finding a work assignment that draws on their natural empathy could give the fish’s bank account a nice boost. 

On the 21st, the egotistical Sun will make an irritating square to excessive Jupiter in the fish’s 1st House of Identity. This could make it difficult to strike a healthy life-work balance for Pisces, as their daily horoscope indicates.

Professional Saturn goes retrograde in the fish’s 12th House of Solitude on the 23rd through October 11th. According to their career horoscope, Pisces will finally emerge from a period of obscurity, making it easier to get the attention they need from prospective employers.  

A lunar eclipse on the 26th in Pisces’s 10th House of Professional Prospects could mark the end of a career path, which is reflected by their daily money horoscope. This will be a blessing in disguise for the fish - who needs to work in a far more creative field to thrive. 

Health for Pisces in May 2021

The fish’s health could be up and down this May, as their daily horoscope shows. On the 3rd, The Sun, which rules Pisces’s 6th House of Work and Wellbeing, could form a tense angle to restrictive Saturn, causing a persistent pain to flare up.

It’s wise to get some medical attention for this condition and stretching exercises may really help. 

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