May 2021 Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

Two Heads Are Better than One

May will be an especially romantic month for Scorpio, as the radiant Sun will be touring this sign’s 7th House of Partnerships from the 1st through the 20th. Smart Scorpions will regularly check their love horoscope during this golden period—it will show when their best day for finding and enjoying love falls.

Lots of hot and heavy flirting could fill the Scorpion’s days starting on the 4th when chatty Mercury moves into this sign’s 8th House of Intimacy and Joint Resources. As their daily horoscope indicates, Scorpio will have lots of fun, trading sweet and sexy remarks between then and July 11th, which could pave the way to a passionate romance.

Scorpio’s famous sex appeal will go through the stratosphere starting on the 9th when enticing Venus enters their 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources. According to their love horoscope, this sign will have no trouble attracting admirers wherever you go. 

On the 11th, the new moon will rise in Scorpio’s 7th House of Partnerships. Meeting someone special, getting engaged, or exchanging vows are among the exciting possibilities. Scorpions in committed relationships could rediscover the love for their partner all over again on this magical day, according to their love horoscope.

The 13th could be one of the most romantic days of 2021 for Scorpio, thanks to lucky Jupiter’s entry to their 5th House of Fun, Love, and Creativity. Scorpions who yearn for a passionate relationship should check their love horoscope regularly between then and July 28th, when this golden period lasts.

Domestic responsibilities could ease starting on the 23rd when serious Saturn moves into Scorpio’s 4th House of Domesticity. This sign’s daily horoscope indicates the Scorpion’s home life will be considerably nicer between then and October 11th.

A source of income may come to an end for Scorpio on the 26th, due to a Lunar Eclipse sending shock waves through their 2nd House of Earned Income. As shown by their daily money horoscope, the end of this job will free Scorpions to enjoy more of their favorite activities, which will make them glow with happiness.

Financial deals and romantic encounters could get a bit muddled starting on the 29th, due to communicative Mercury going retrograde in Scorpio’s 8th House of Intimacy and Joint Resources. As shown by their daily horoscope, getting a straight answer out of anyone could be difficult for this sign between then and June 22nd. 

Love and Dating for Scorpio in May 2021

On the 2nd, Scorpio could have a great conversation with a witty admirer. According to the Scorpion’s daily horoscope, chatty Mercury will form a supportive angle to sexy Pluto, their ruling planet. It’s sure to be an exciting day for this passionate sign.

A trine between alluring Venus and sensual Pluto, Scorpion’s ruler, will occur on the 6th. As their love horoscope shows, Scorpio is in line for a passionate encounter with an attentive admirer on this day.

Romantic Venus’s entry to Scorpio’s 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources on the 9th will make this sign even more attractive than usual. Between then and June 2nd, the Scorpion’s daily horoscope will be filled with opportunities to get lost in a special person’s arms.

According to their love horoscope, the new moon on the 11th could open a romantic chapter in Scorpio’s life. As their love horoscope shows, this sign could meet their soulmate, get engaged, or exchange marriage vows in the two weeks following this fateful date. 

A romantic trip overseas is a distinct possibility for this sign on the 12th, thanks to a sweet sextile between adventurous Mars and spontaneous Uranus. As their daily horoscope shows, this could be a wildly exciting time for Scorpions.

On the 13th, expansive Jupiter moves into Scorpio’s 5th House of Fun, Romance, and Creativity. Between then and July 28th, this sign won’t lack for admirers, as reflected by their love horoscope. 

A romantic trine between outgoing Mars and dreamy Neptune falls on the 30th, putting Scorpio directly in cupid’s sights. Their love horoscope indicates that both single and committed Scorpions could have a fabulous time wrapped in the arms of someone’s special. 

Career and Work for Scorpio in May 2021

Career prospects for Scorpio in May are a bit wonky, as indicated by career horoscope. Luckily, abundant Venus moves into this sign’s 8th House of Intimacy and Joint Finances on the 9th, suggesting that Scorpion could receive an inheritance, legal settlement, or royalty payment between then and June 2nd.

Games of chance can pay off handsomely for Scorpions starting on the 13th, when lucky Jupiter moves into their 5th House of Fun, Romance, and Creativity. As their daily money horoscope indicates, there will be plenty of opportunities for Scorpio to win raffles, lotteries, and card games during this golden period. 

A job could come to an end for this sign on the 26th when a jarring lunar eclipse sends shock waves through Scorpio’s 2nd House of Earned Income. As their career horoscope reflects, this is the universe’s way of putting Scorpions in for more enjoyable lines of work.

On the 29th, communicative Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio’s 8th House of Intimacy and Joint Resources and will stay there until June 22nd. Scorpions could have difficulty finding work during this period and may prefer to focus on more pleasurable pursuits, as their daily horoscope shows. 

Health for Scorpio in May 2021

Scorpio’s daily horoscope indicates that their health should be excellent throughout the month of May. On the 12th, Mars, the ruler of their 6th House of Work and Wellbeing, will make a supportive angle to surprise Uranus, possibly introducing this sign to a stimulating new type of exercise that requires lots of concentration and stamina. 

On the 30th, active Mars makes a trine to Neptune, suggesting that Scorpio could have lots of fun playing sports or taking an exercise class. As shown by their daily horoscope, this sign will end the month on a very energetic note. 

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